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Anchor Point Risk will provide your organisation with Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and data services that will assist you in utilizing the valuable resources of data and information to achieve privacy and regulatory compliance.

Complete, comprehensive and accurate data that is readily available, is a significant differentiator and critical asset for any organization. Anchor Point Risk will ensure accurate delivery of today’s information requirements and challenges with data management capabilities embedded in business operations and a robust control environment.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Complete, comprehensive and accurate data that is readily available, are key to driving the business of the future by enabling data management capabilities for your business operations.

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Operational and regulatory requirements

We ensure that information regulatory and compliance requirements such as BCBS239, POPIA, IFRS, are met.

Operational efficiencies

Ensure the highest level of operational efficiency with automated processes to strengthen your control environments, establish best practice policies and standards, manage service levels and detect fraud.

Integrity and protection

Maintaining your organization’s data assets through privacy and security policies, standards and controls.

Revenue growth

Enabling product design, strategic pricing, customer engagement, sales force management, marketing campaigns, social media interaction and market segmentation, providing multiple avenues to improve your revenue growth.

Our engagement options include:

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